Just like other fitness specialities like weightlifting, strength training, CrossFit, Zumba, yoga etc, aerobic exercise is also a very useful tenet of fitness that has a variety of different benefits on the body. It is a great idea to add aerobic exercise to your fitness routine since it’s excellent for weight loss.

Let’s understand what constitutes aerobic exercise and learn about its many benefits.

Get Your Heart Pumping

What is Aerobics Exercise?

Technically speaking, any physical activity that makes the heart pump faster and increases the body’s usage of oxygen is an aerobic exercise. The term ‘aerobic’ refers to the need for oxygen. So, even different types of cardio exercises like swimming, running, dancing, and cycling can be called aerobics.

But to differentiate aerobics a bit more, many gyms and fitness centres offer specialised aerobics classes that combine rhythmic elements of dance, stretching, and cardio. Such aerobics exercises are helpful in improving our overall fitness. You can find many such Bolly aerobics classes near you that incorporate Bollywood or Contemporary dance into their aerobics routine.

Now that we know what aerobics is, let’s find out the plenty of ways it can be beneficial.

Benefits of Aerobics

Helps you Lose Weight


Any form of cardio exercise helps burn calories and results in weight loss. Aerobics is no different. When you’re performing physical activity during aerobics, your body starts burning more calories for energy. This will over time help you lose fat and eventually lead to significant weight loss.

Improves Heart Health


The American Heart Association recommends aerobic exercise for people with heart disease. That’s because aerobic exercise results in an increased pumping of the heart. This strengthens the heart and increases its efficiency in pumping blood throughout the body. Overall, your cardiovascular health is improved.

Aerobic exercises can also lower the ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol and increase the ‘good’ HDL cholesterol in the body, thus helping prevent heart ailments.

Lowers Blood Pressure


Regular aerobic exercise is known to reduce symptoms of high blood pressure. And since aerobics also keeps obesity at bay, the propensity for high blood pressure reduces greatly.

Reduces Blood Sugar Levels


Our body’s blood sugar levels are regulated by insulin. Studies have shown that regular aerobic activity maintains insulin levels in the body, thus helping regulate our body’s blood sugar levels. Reduced blood sugar can in turn prevent increased body weight as well.

It Strengthens Muscles


Aerobic exercise is nothing but the physical movement of your muscles. So, when the muscles are contracting and relaxing, they’re getting stronger and leaner. Depending on the type of aerobic exercise, many different muscle groups of the body can become stronger and leaner. For example, abs and aerobics classes near you can be aimed at strengthening your core and developing sculpted abs.

Aerobic Exercise Improves Breathing


Aerobic exercises increase the heart and lung activity in the body. This means your muscles need more oxygen and hence you breathe faster, taking in more air. The overall effect is that your breathing efficiency improves. So, aerobic exercise has the effect of improving your lung capacity and breathing.

Aerobic exercise has also been known to improve symptoms of asthma and reduce asthmatic attacks. Talk to your doctor if you have asthma and wish to practise aerobic exercises.

It Can Help You Sleep Better


Aerobic exercise has been known to improve the quality of sleep. Studies have shown that regular physical activity can be a good treatment for insomnia. Participants of the study that exercised regularly reported better quality and duration of sleep, as well as a better mood.

If you also want to dabble in aerobics exercises and add them to your fitness routine, you can do so in a jiffy. With a FITPASS membership, you can find nearby aerobics classes and book an aerobics training slot at a gym or fitness centre of your preference. You can do all of this with a few taps of your smartphone in a few minutes. Then simply walk into an aerobics gym and start your aerobics fitness journey.


What is aerobics and how does it benefit your body?

Aerobics is the physical movement of your body that combines rhythmic muscular movements with stretching and strength training. Any form of physical exercise like swimming, running, dancing etc can be termed aerobics. It has the following benefits for the body:

– Reduces weight

– Improves sleep

– Strengthens muscles

– Lowers blood pressure

– Improves breathing

– Improves heart health

Can aerobics help you lose weight and burn fat?

Yes. Aerobics is a form of cardio and hence it can help you lose weight and burn fat.

What are some of the best aerobic exercises for beginners?

Some excellent aerobic exercises for beginners include burpees, high knees, lateral shuffles, crab walks, butt kicks, speed skaters, jumping jacks, swings, leg kicks, lunges etc.