Daniella’s Boards takes the luxury dining experience straight to customers’ homes. They deliver custom charcuterie boards across Formby for those who want tasty snacks without leaving their house.

Based in Formby, Daniella’s Boards creates handcrafted charcuterie boards with only the finest selection of cured meats, artisan cheeses and locally sourced accompaniments. Every board is crafted fresh on the day of order so customers can enjoy the ultimate in taste and quality. They cater to discerning clientele seeking a premium at-home grazing experience.

Luxury Dining

For those with discerning taste, Daniella’s Boards has a limited edition section. The Heiken Beer board pairs local craft beers with gourmet meats and cheeses. The Moet board adds a touch of luxury with champagne and caviar. These special boards make any occasion feel extra special.

Convenience is key at Daniella’s Boards. Customers can order online. Then sit back and relax – the boards will come directly to your door. No need to leave the house for a delicious grazing board. Delivery is available across Formby for the ultimate hassle-free dining experience.

Daniella’s Boards is preparing for an exciting June 14th, 2024 launch of their home delivery service. Sign up now on their website or social platforms to receive 25% off your first order and get early access to board orders the day before launch. 

Follow @daniellasboards on Instagram and TikTok for reveal of launch boards, product previews and more.

Customers can be among the first to experience the luxury of charcuterie boards without leaving home. Daniella’s Boards is set to reinvent the in-home dining experience.