With the passage of time, we all grow older and our body starts getting weak, be it our muscles, bones or heart. Healthy bones play a vital role in keeping our body functional. But how do you know your bones are getting weak? There’re many important signs and symptoms showing your bones’ health. We’ve put together these signs below;


Weak fingernails

It has been observed that people who complain about weak bones also have weak, brittle fingernails. However, there could be other factors like being exposed to harsh chemicals and spending most time in water can lead to weak nails. But if you don’t see any possible reason, it means there’s something wrong with your bones and you should visit Orthopedic Doctor Denver to get the best advice and treatment.

Receding gums

Receding gums can sometime be a sign of weak bones and you shouldn’t take it light and visit your dentist or orthopedic doctor Denver to get the best advice. You may also be asked to get x-rays and other tests by your physician to see your situation in detail. All of our teeth are connected to bone and if you encounter receding gums, the reason could be that your jaw is losing bone.

Low grip strength

Poor balance is the most common reason behind fracture.  When we grow old, we lose strength be it our muscle strength or bone strength.  When we have strong bones and healthy muscles, we are less prone to falls and fractures. We can improve our muscle and bone strength and it is within our reach. A regular exercise plan together with a well-balanced diet can help you achieve a great, healthy lifestyle.

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