Golden Corral offers many seasonal menu items throughout the year for its guests to enjoy. Knowing the best times to visit can help ensure finding your favorite seasonal dishes. This post outlines when several popular seasonal offerings are available on Golden Corral’s buffet.

Golden Corral for Seasonal Menu Items

Fall Favorites

One of the best times to visit Golden Corral is during the fall months of September through November. This is when several classic fall dishes debut on the buffet. Roasted pork with applesauce joins the lineup in September. Pork goes well with apples, creating a hearty fall meal. 

October brings pumpkin desserts like pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin cheesecake. Take advantage of these pumpkin sweets before they leave for another year. Cranberry sauce and turkey arrives on the buffet around Thanksgiving in late November. Enjoy traditional Thanksgiving sides without all the cooking and clean up.

Holiday Hits

Major winter holidays see new dishes added to Golden Corral’s expansive buffet. Around Christmas in December look for ham, scalloped potatoes, and pecan pie. Ham makes a festive main course and scalloped potatoes provide comfort on a cold winter day. 

Pecan pie satisfies any sweet tooth with its nutty filling. For Easter Sunday in April, roasted lamb joins ham and takes center stage. Lamb paired with mint jelly creates an elegant holiday meal without extensive preparation. Be sure to save room for hot cross buns, a sweet bread flavored with cinnamon and raisins.

Spring Surprises

In springtime from March through May, seasonal favorites emerge once again. Asparagus makes its first appearance in March, adding color and nutrition to plates. In April, fried chicken joins roasted lamb for Easter dining. Nothing says spring like fresh berries, so strawberry shortcake can be found in May. Topped with whipped cream, shortcake provides a light seasonal dessert.

Summer Sizzlers

During the hot summer months of June through August, Golden Corral offers lighter menu items perfect for warm weather eating. Grilled chicken and steak with veggie kabobs hit the buffet in June. Kabobs allow for easy eating on the go. 

July brings fan favorite watermelon wedges to slice and enjoy. Watermelon cools you down on a scorching day. August is when crisp coleslaw and barbecue pulled pork sandwiches arrive. Pork sandwiches satisfy with sauce and slaw alongside.

Golden Corral Senior Early Bird Prices

Senior guests aged 60 and over can take advantage of Golden Corral Senior early bird prices. For breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings before 11am, seniors pay $12.49. Lunch is offered Monday through Friday from 10:45am to 4pm for $10.99, and on Saturdays after 11am also for $10.99. The senior dinner price is $15.99 Monday through Saturday after 4pm and on Sundays after 11am. 

The best deal is the early bird special Monday through Saturday from 4-6pm, when seniors can enjoy the buffet for a lower price of $15.99. These senior discounts allow enjoying all the regular and seasonal menu items at golden corral for less.


With its ever-changing seasonal selections, Golden Corral keeps things interesting throughout the year. Knowing when favorite dishes appear makes hitting the buffet even more enjoyable. Be on the lookout for fall, winter, spring and summer specials. Golden Corral is offering exciting seasonal menus you won’t want to miss. Enjoy exploring new and returning items each season has to offer.