Anti-aging creams are on the online stores such as Bestkenko because they are less invasive than other procedures and have very positive and effective results in the fight against wrinkles and fine lines. Learn how to have a rejuvenated skin by choosing the right products and taking some preventive care!


What cannot be lacking in an anti-aging cream?

Wrinkles and fine lines are some of the biggest complaints women make about their skin. With that in mind, the dermo-cosmetics industry has developed various products, such as anti-aging creams, to get around the problem and leave the skin more rejuvenated. Dermo-cosmetics available at Bestkenko with the right compounds help in skin hydration, cell renewal and stimulation of collagen production.

In addition, vitamin A derivatives also act to make the skin younger. With these assets, you achieve an improvement in skin texture, hydration and facial appearance, which is less wrinkled and aged.

Understand the types of wrinkles

Wrinkles can be of two types: dynamic or static. The dynamics are also known as expression wrinkles and are the first to be noticed. They result from the muscle contraction that occurs when we communicate our emotions, for example, and are only seen when facial movements occur. Dynamic wrinkles form mainly between the eyebrows, the forehead, the upper lip and the outer corner of the eye.

Meanwhile, static wrinkles are visible even when the face is not moving and are more common from the age of 45. They are deeper and appear due to the loss of collagen, which gives resistance and elasticity to the skin, and also due to external agents such as unprotected sun exposure, smoking, dehydration and even excessive consumption of sugars and fats.

Steps to prevent signs of facial skin aging

Having a healthy lifestyle and adopting some daily habits, such as the use of dermo-cosmetics suitable for your skin type and its needs, is essential to prevent the signs of aging.

The use of sunscreen, for example, protects against photo-aging of the skin. Exposure to unprotected solar radiation generates free radicals, unstable molecules that damage skin cells and accelerate the aging process of the skin, destroying collagen and elastin. By combining the daily use of a suitable protector for your skin and an antioxidant product that will neutralize these free radicals, you effectively prevent sun damage.

In addition, moisturizing the skin, taking plenty of water and using moisturizing products available at Bestkenko, is essential to keep it protected against external aggressions. Over time, the sebaceous glands decrease in quantity and size, which makes the skin more dehydrated, so care must be folded to prevent aging and have a beautiful and healthy skin for longer. To top it off, eat foods rich in antioxidants and water and avoid foods that contain too much sugar and fat.

When to start taking care of the skin to avoid aging?

From the age of 25, anti-aging treatments should begin; as it is at this stage collagen production begins to decline and DNA changes caused by the sun.