The 3 pillars to improve your quality of life and health in the day to day, encompasses physical, mental and spiritual health, education, and balance between the staff and the professional.

And this presupposes many aspects, among which to adopt healthy habits, to reserve time for culture and leisure, to obtain professional satisfaction and to cultivate positive and consistent social and family relations focused on the promotion of well-being, health promotion and prevention.

In this article, we will present tips that help improve your quality of life and health on a day to day basis. Follow us!

Pillars To Improve Your Quality

Healthy and balanced nutrition

Correct food, with a varied, healthy and balanced diet, is one of the factors that have the greatest influence on health and well-being.

For a good daily eating habit, nutritionists recommend drinking six to eight glasses of water daily – the equivalent of 2 liters.

Even if you are not thirsty it is advisable to keep your body hydrated from drinks that have low sugar levels or also get into the habit of drinking teas or natural juices. Food supplements such as Bell Lifestyle Products are also a beneficial addition to maintain healthy and balanced nutrition.

The importance of physical activities

The practice of daily physical activities, without exaggeration and with the guidance of a professional, is a great benefit to people’s health and helps improve the quality of life at any age.

Your psychological is a very important factor for your quality of life and health

Having a healthy mind is essential for well-being and contributes positively to your routine with family, work and in your social relationships.

We know that maintaining the balance of stress often requires effort and willpower. It is necessary, for example, to live with the differences, accepting them. This helps to alleviate family conflicts, causing outbursts of irritation and misunderstandings, which undermine your state of mental balance.