Keeping beautiful and healthy skin in a running routine can be a big challenge for many women. During the day, our complexions are exposed to sunlight, pollution, chemicals and temperature fluctuations, all of which – and a few other factors, such as poor diet – influence the premature aging of the skin.

Routine consultations with a specialist are important to better understand your skin and find out what factors can contribute to aging, such as age, level of skin aggression and diet, and thus identify the appropriate treatment such as microneedling in Manhattan.

Learn How to Prevent Premature Skin Aging

We have listed some tips of what to do and what not to do when taking care of the skin to prevent its aging. Check out!

What to do

  • Maintain a daily care routine that includes the use of face-specific soap that is ideal for your skin type;
  • Always remove makeup with makeup remover before bed. This habit helps in a deeper cleansing of the dermis;
  • At night, use an acid suggested by your dermatologist according to the time of year and skin type. It accelerates cell renewal and helps treat wrinkles as well as stimulating collagen;
  • Consider regular hair removal in Manhattan at waxing centers in Manhattan. The Manhattan laser hair removal is also a great option.
  • Moisturize with the ideal cream for your skin type. To find out the indicated frequency of use, talk to your dermatologist. Beautiful, well-hydrated skin depends not only on you but also on the doctor.

What not to do

  • Do not exfoliate too often. This is one of the most recurring problems in the office.
  • Do not look for a product that is miraculous. There is no product that is the best of all. The success of the patient’s skin depends on a combination of routine treatments done properly.