Acne not only affects teenagers, and many women suffer from the problem already in adulthood. The best solution to fight the dreaded blackheads and pimples is to seek dermatological treatment indicated by a professional, but to disguise, makeup is a great ally. Currently, there are several products available in the cosmetics market of excellent quality and not affecting the skin or aggravate the problem.


The use of makeup is free to those who suffer from acne and are undergoing treatment. Look for keywords such as oil-free and non-comedogenic on packages, indicating that the product does not clog the pores. Give preference to items with fine texture and mild formula that do not fight with skin oils and has mattifying effect. Oil based products should be avoided so as not to worsen the oiliness and alcoholics products should be avoided if the skin is being treated, it can irritate and dry out.

Hot and humid climate, replacement hormones such as birth control pills, and poor diet can cause acne. These factors stimulate the production of sebum by the sebaceous glands, and usually those with oily skin often suffer the most from the problem. To combat the symptoms, it is essential to use specific products in a cleansing ritual and daily treatment. Don’t hesitate to buy Tretinoin cream for pre-makeup application to prevent acne.

Makeup helps hide pimples and blackheads

The skin preparation is traditional: with clean and moisturized face, apply the primer and base. Invest in products with satiny texture, which have better coverage, enough to minimize the acne spots, neutralize redness, and disguise the appearance of pores. Spread thin layers, which will complement rather than just thick.

Then it is the turn of the most important item, the Concealer. It is going to hide completely the acne marks, and must be passed in the places that are still standing out even if after the base. For better coverage, end powder gives preference to a corrective bat type.