A large number of fruits are there that contain a rich amount of citrus. Out of all these people are only aware of a limited number of fruits. The most common ones are oranges, grapefruits, and similar, and it is generally believed that they contain the highest level of citrus. Well, the fact is that this is not true, when it comes to the level of citrus, the maximum is present in Pomelo.In scientific terms, it is known as the Citrus maxima or Citrus Grandis. Belonging to the family of Rutaceae, and the ancestor of grapefruit, it is mostly present in South East Asian countries. In general, it has a taste similar to grapefruit, and in Asian culture, its use has been linked with festive events.

Fruit That Contains The Highest Level Of Citrus

Physical outlook and chemical composition                                 

It has a shape like a teardrop and has yellow flesh and wake of relatively big thickness. It is a source of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. One standard one weighing around 21 ounces contains the following chemical composition; calories 231, proteins 5 grams, carbs 59 grams, vitamin C 412% of the DV, Copper 32% of the DV, potassium of 28%of the DV, fiber 6 grams, and Riboflavin 12.6% of the DV.

Uses and health benefits 

Belonging to a family of citrus, it is a big source of vitamin C, it is an excellent choice for improving the immune system. The presence of potassium helps in regulating blood pressure.

The presence of fiber is a sign that it can be very good for those who are suffering from constipation. As the fiber is insoluble, it gets stuck with stool and prevents the situation. The presence of fiber in this is just restricted to the digestion system, it also helps in better brain working and decreasing the risk of chronic diseases.

This fruit is also linked with weight loss, it has a relatively large mass but a low level of calories. Easting this will help in maintain a good balance on weight, as the presence of fiber is extremely helpful in attaining this situation.

The presence of anti-oxidants boosts up and reverses the cellular damage that is caused by free radicals. These radicals can be present in food and the environment, they are the main reason for various chronic and other diseases when they get in large amount in the body.

It is very good for the heart, it serves as a cutter against cholesterol and triglycerides, these two blood fats for many heat problems. It prevents the absorption of cholesterol in the blood that enters in the form of food, as suggested by research. Scientists are digging into this matter in more detail.

Owing to the high contents of vitamin C, it also helps in preventing aging factor, the scientific reason is that it halts the formation of advanced glycation caused by high blood sugar level.

It is antibacterial and anti-fungal, as evidenced by the variety of researches in this regard. It is proving good against the fight against cancerous cells.