We are going to introduce you to one of the most fantastic natural sweeteners there is Madjool date that is found in many recipes. 

The Medjool Date is considered the best date in the world! And believe me that after tasting, you will never want the smaller and pitted ones again. 

The Medjool come from Jordan, Israel and Lebanon. As a curiosity: In Islam, believers are encouraged to break their fasting at sunset during Ramadan with dates and water.

organic Medjool dates

The organic Medjool dates are rich in simple and complex carbohydrates, making them a very attractive food for people who need energy.

For every 100g, they have about 277 Kcal, 75g of carbohydrates, of which 66g are sugars, which makes them an energy dense food. They do not contain any fat or cholesterol.

Have some fiber content (7g per 100g of product). They do not provide much protein, but the one they provide has all the essential amino acids (which our body does not produce).

They are rich in calcium, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium, minerals of great importance for the growth of children as well as for the recovery of sportsmen.

The estimated glycemic load is 39, which is a relatively low value. This indicates that the dates provide power over a long period of time.

It is an excellent choice for breakfast with milk, vegetable drink, yogurt or snacking with almond butter (an addiction) or use in recipes such as Dragon Ball truffles.

Compared to similar types of fruit such as figs and prunes, dried dates have a higher amount of antioxidants.

Laboratory studies have concluded that Medjool date consumption is good for reducing inflammation in the brain. This inflammation is linked with a high risk of neuro-degenerative disease.

In one study, 25 people who used seven dates daily for 25 days achieved good improvement in stool and experienced a considerable improvement in bowel movement.