Rumors have brought it to light and with it, there are many followers of this diet. We tell you what this questionable diet consists of.

Fortunately, distrust of the so-called miracle diets is on the rise. However, there are always “confident” in these kinds of promises that put them back in the inkwell. And when some of those confident are celebrities, the thing gets ugly.

And, we already warned you, the Sirtfood Diet, although it looks promising and ‘healthy’, can become dangerous.

Let’s start at the beginning. The Sirtfood diet jumped to the fore through Instagram – as not. It promises to lose up to 3 kilos per week without eliminating some things that cost fulminate, see, chocolate or red wine.

benefits of medjool dates

After these first promises, it was also filtered that it is an exclusive diet that was designed for a group of celebrities in one of the most TOP gyms in London attended by some such as Madonna or Daniel Craig. Their creators of this diet are the reputed Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten. Both are nutritionists.

And it is not cheap: the slimming plan costs about 2,000 euros a week, a weekly mortgage in exchange for a miracle diet. WTF?

As if that were not enough, it is the diet that Pippa Middleton and singer Adele would have followed for her drastic change of image and her great weight loss.

The first is for its drastic and rapid weight loss of more than 13 kilos and the second, for its drop in kilos for your wedding.

What does it consist of?

Basically, it bases its principles on Sirt food, that is, those foods rich in sirtuin enzymes or SIRS (Silent Information Regulators). These enzymes create in our body the same effect as with fasting or exercise, that is, they reduce stomach inflammation. This protein has been identified in foods such as coffee, dark chocolate, parsley, nuts, onions, olive oil or tofu.

The dates, specially, medjool dates, can be included in this diet because it offers all benefits that this diet should have. The benefits of medjool dates are very helpful for this diet.

If the thing remained here, nothing that was especially worrying. It is not new that celebrities base their diets on putting and removing ingredients in their meals to get one or another thing.

The problem is that the label “dangerous” comes, among other things, because the diet restricts the consumption of daily calories to 1000 in the first week, divided into three vegetable juices and a single meal that can include turkey, chicken, noodles or parsley

The diet consists of three phases. This was the first. The second is more “friendly” and allows 3 meals a day and a juice. And the third, “it’s a real party”: it allows a lot of food … but that is ‘sirt’ (and this is when you can swell with wine and dark chocolate, all super healthy).

Why does the Sirt diet limp?

Mainly, there is nowhere to catch it. To start, as we said before, restrict daily intake to 1000 calories in a first phase when normal is about 2000. If this diet, in addition, is carried out by people with a significant calorie burn (people who supplement it with a lot of physical exercise, for example), it is not surprising that the fine print includes fainting, tension drops and all kinds of anemias.

And second, because where the rest of the food necessary are for a correct diet that includes the basics of the nutritional pyramid? For the creators, Sirt food is magic. And we are sorry … but no.

As if that were not enough, the fever has not stopped rising since they published the book of Sirt recipes, making the diet accessible to everyone, with all the dangers that entails.