When it comes to well-being and health, air quality becomes an essential item to ensure good living conditions and a pleasant environment. After all, there’s no use in a room looking beautiful and not being healthy.

It is necessary to worry about the condition of the atmosphere inside the house, as it can be even more polluted than outside environments. Fortunately, there are small attitudes that can rid your home of pollutants and unwanted substances. There are some tips to clean the air and make it more healthy. Check out!


  1. Invest in purifying plants

In addition to being great allies in decoration, plants have a huge variety of air purifying species. Chlorophyte, for example, left the house free of harmful substances, such as formaldehyde. The lily of the peace removes ammonia from the air, while the rubber tree reduces benzene, a cancer-causing toxin.

When talking about natural way to purify the indoor air, you can also use Purefolio. It is also effective against covid.

  1. Clean your pets

There is no way to prevent dogs and cats from accumulating pollutants naturally. Amid the hair, there may be allergens and unwanted elements that they pick up in the park. Therefore, comb them regularly, bathe when necessary and always vacuum your pet’s hair.

  1. Place an air purifier in the room

These devices help in air circulation and make the environment healthier. Use a portable air purifier in your room to eliminate viruses, dust mites, mold, bacteria, and even allergens that stay in the air while you sleep and go unnoticed. You can also put air purifier gel in these devices.

  1. Buy a salt lamp

Salt lamps produce negative ions that neutralize excess positive ions, present in pollen, dust, dirt and allergens, thus balancing the entire electrical charge in the environment.