Diabetes is one of the most common diseases in this world. In fact, diabetes is the number one disease in most of the countries in this world. It is defined as a disease where the sugar level inside our body is higher than the normal value. Diabetes happens because we simply eat too much sugary food and drink a lot of sweet drinks. These are the habits that are bad for your body because it can simply increase your blood glucose level. So, it is best if you can try to avoid food or drinks that have high sugar content such as fast food, carbonated drinks, ice cream, sweet foods and also sugary drinks. If you have diabetes, you might also face some future complications that can put your life at risk. In this Doctoroncall’s article, we will discuss some possible risks that you can get in the future if you are a diabetic patient.


  1. Cardiovascular disease

Cardiovascular disease refers to any of the heart diseases that you might get. It is one of the most common complications that you can get if you are having a diabetes. This is because the high level of sugar can contribute to the weakening of the blood vessels, hence causing some sort of blockage in the vessel itself. When this happens, the blood cannot go through and this might cause some heart diseases such as the coronary artery disorder and also heart attack. It is one of the most common heart disease that diabetic patient can get.

  1. Kidney disease

Another common risk that you might get is kidney disease. It is the same with cardiovascular disease, diabetes can weaken any of your blood vessels and this includes your blood vessels to the kidney. When any of the blood vessels that supply your kidney collapsed, your kidney then will not receive its oxygen supply. Because of this, it will damage your kidney from time to time and this is how you will get a kidney disease. Usually, people that have permanent kidney disease will need to rely on lifelong dialysis treatment. This will surely limit the finance and also daily activity that you can do.

  1. Cerebrovascular disease

As mentioned above, diabetes can weaken any of your blood vessels in the body. One of the common blood vessels that can also get affected is the cerebrovascular blood vessels. It is located inside our brain and the main function is to supply the oxygen with our brain. If it is affected, then part of your brain will be damaged and will soon die. This is also the reason why many diabetic patients get strokes, one of the common complications of cerebrovascular disease.

So, these are some of the most common risks that you can get if you have diabetes. However, your chance of getting these diseases can only increase if you did not take good care of your diabetes. If you do not want to get any of the complications from diabetes, then you need to consider changing your lifestyle. You need to start living a healthy life. You can always start with eating a healthy diet. Your diet must contain all the essential nutrients needed by your body and you must avoid any food or drinks that are high in sugar content. Not just that, you also need to start exercising because this can help to lower down the blood glucose level. Consider choosing an exercise that is suitable with your lifestyle. You can always try to go for a jog, walk, swim and also cycling activities.