Doypack bag is simply the most used and most produced package among all other types. Doypack package was invented by French inventor Louis Doyen. The word Doypack is basically first 3 letters of Doyen and first 4 letters of package. So, we can say that doypack bag was named after its inventor. There are many different packaging options around the world and they all have their own names. But doypack bags are known all around the world by its catchy name.

Doypack package

Doypack bag has many different aliases between suppliers, such as; sitting bag, package with bellowed bottom, ziplock bag. Doypack bag is both elegant and practical, and these features make it appealing. Therefore, doypack bags are preferred by more and more consumers around the world, every other day.

Why People Prefer Doypack Bag?

  • Re-usability with ziplock technology.
  • Elegant design.
  • Pleasing way to display the product.
  • Prolongs the shelf life.
  • Keeps the product safe and fresh.
  • Highly protective, reinforced barriers.
  • Design and qualities may vary according the content.

There is a suitable doypack package for pretty much every possible situation. For example; if you are selling a product that might release gases while at the shelf; you might choose doypack package with valve to release any excess gas. For liquid products; you might consider choosing an option with a straw hole or a lid. Doypack packages can be produced in form of a jar or box to suite your needs.

Doypack Bags Can Be Used to Contain;

  • Teas,
  • Juices,
  • Nuts,
  • Dried fruits,
  • Coffee and many other foods.

Doypack Bag Types;

  • Kraft Doypack with Window
  • Doypack with Window
  • Transparent Metallized Doypack
  • Transparent Doypack
  • Aluminum Doypack
  • Kraft Aluminum Doypack
  • Kraft Aluminum Doypack with Valve
  • Custom Printable Doypack.

Since they can be manufactured in different shapes and with different features; you can use Doypack Bags to contain and display a large variety of products. To meet your needs; in Eska Packaging we can apply any logo on these beautiful and elegant bags. Most companies prefer doypack bags when they would like to display their product as appealing as possible. Doypack bags will also prolong the shelf life of your product!