The variety of dishes goes beyond the BBQ. See some ideas and tips for a good purchase

A tasty barbecue made for a mid-week lunch. No dirt or fumes. Investing in an electric Griddle is worth it just for that advantage, but there are other recipes, besides meat, that can be prepared there. Check out some tips.

Everything You Can Do in an Electric Griddle

Grilled Vegetables

Eggplant, onion, zucchini, asparagus, sweet peppers. They all look delicious on the grill. Drizzle with a sauce (or just olive oil) while baking to keep from drying out.

Shrimp skewers

Before placing on the toothpick, soak the prawns in a lemon and garlic marinade. Then just wait and grill.

Caramelized fruits

Want a quick dessert? Pineapple slices empanadas with sugar and cinnamon. It will take about 20 minutes on the grill and they will be ready to serve.


The main course of the electric griddle, of course, is the barbecue. Red meat, fish, sausage or chicken, just choose your favorite.

Now see what to take into account when choosing an electric griddle:

  1. The heat comes from a resistance inserted in the grid itself. Thus, the greater the power of the apparatus, the better is the result.
  1. Look for the standard seal on the packaging. This will protect your family from possible accidents. The appliances without certification can have many risks.
  1. Choose models that allow the use of accessories such as skewers and covers, but attention to size because these are usually larger.
  1. If you are going to use the barbecue grill on a balcony, prefer the pedestal models, which are larger and allow several people to serve. For the kitchen counter, a smaller one counts.
  1. Cleaning the barbecue grill can be a very annoying task. Escape from models with fixed grates. The furniture is easier to clean.

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