The herbal products have won the shelves. In 2020, the Ministry of Health reported that in this year there was a 160% increase in demand for this type of product in the public health system.

Today, these produces are already recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), guaranteeing quality and origin for the consumer.

This type of control is important to make it clear that, although natural, herbal products also require care, just like any other medication.

It is important that the professional understands the properties of each plant, as well as dosage, time of use, etc.

Plant-Based Products

What is a herbal product?

The herbal product is a product produced from vegetables or medicinal plants with some therapeutic action.

They are also characterized by having a set of active ingredients that are obtained from parts of plants, such as roots, leaves and seeds. For this reason, in the formula of herbal product it is common to find other natural ingredients, such as beeswax and vegetable oils.

They can be presented in several forms: capsule, cream, gel, syrup etc.

Tea made from natural leaves is not considered a product

Confusion is common: who has never had tea to relieve an upset stomach or passion fruit juice to sleep? Despite these effects, teas and the like are not considered herbal products.

In addition to the factors mentioned in the first paragraphs of this article, to be considered a herbal product it is necessary to undergo quality controls, just like any product from traditional product. Therefore, not every medicinal plant is a herbal product.

What are the benefits of the herbal product over traditional product?

The increase in demand for herbal products has a justified cause: in some aspects, natural products stand out in relation to traditional product. Here are some of its benefits!

Composition is natural

The first and best known benefit is in terms of its composition. As already mentioned, herbal products are natural compounds. This means that, despite being a product, it is not so harmful to health in comparison to allopathic products.

In some cases, it is a good outlet for people who are allergic to substances present in other compounds.

Produces fewer side effects

The fact of having a natural composition, therefore, makes the medication less aggressive. This makes side effects less when compared to conventional remedies.

The dependency index is practically non-existent

It is common for some remedies to make their users dependent on the effect, since synthetic compounds severely influence the body’s natural functioning. In this sense, for indications in which the use of product is continued, many doctors have tried plan-based products as their first alternative.

However, this does not mean that this type of medication should be handled without care. It is important that the professional and the patient follow the instructions to the letter!

Who is the use of herbal product indicated for?

The herbal product is not limited to a specific indication, so it can be used by anyone and for any purpose.

However, as in traditional product, it is important to use a medication only after the evaluation and prescription of a professional with knowledge of the subject. Although it has a natural origin, it does not mean that control and care are not necessary.