“Everyone should do therapy.” Surely you’ve heard that phrase before, have not you? And most likely it was said by someone who does psychotherapy. This is because therapy is capable of generating significant changes in people’s lives. Whoever turns to them always ends up wondering: Why did not I do this before?

Most people who need to do therapy end up resorting to a professional only when they are in extreme suffering. Or, they know they need therapy but are afraid of taking on the need for help. Talk visit Raymond Holland Psychotherapist and discuss about your problem.

Raymond Holland Psychotherapist

Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist

Before searching a professional, let’s get some things clearer. Do you know the difference between a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst? Check it out.


A psychologist can also work in other environments besides office among them, schools (psychopedagogy), companies (organizational psychology), social assistance (social psychology), or even in the legal environment (legal psychology).

Clinical psychology aims to promote self-knowledge, alter undesirable behaviors and treat psychological disorders.


Psychiatry is one of the specialties of medicine. To practice it, the practitioner must be a doctor and have a residency in psychiatry. A psychiatrist works by performing diagnoses and using medications to treat mental illness.


Psychoanalysis is one of the most important theoretical lines of psychology. Psychoanalysis is an unregulated profession, so it does not require specific training. But in general, a psychoanalyst needs to be trained in any higher course and subsequently perform a free training in psychoanalysis.


To a large extent, a psychotherapist is any professional who performs therapeutic care aimed at human behavior, health and well-being of the mind. In other words, psychotherapists use the patient’s mental processes to perform their treatment, which is basically based on listening and dialogue with the patient.