You may have heard that the fat located in the abdomen is the hardest to lose, right? There are several factors that influence the accumulation and loss of abdominal fat, including diet and physical exercise. In this post, we will explain more about it, as well as tips on habits that will help you lose abdominal fat. Check out!


What are the types of abdominal fat?

Having a defined abdomen is a desire of many people, and one of the main reasons for some people to avoid certain foods and drinks. A distended abdomen is not always a sign of abdominal fat; it can also indicate gas, bloating and fluid retention.

Some factors influence the accumulation of fat located in the abdomen, such as age and genetics, making it more difficult to burn thanks to some receptors that make it difficult to release fat.

How to lose abdominal fat?

Combining physical activity and good nutrition is the perfect combination for those who want to lose abdominal fat. Whole foods, not processed, with low sugar content and high fiber content, such as vegetables and fruits, favor the burning of abdominal fat. In addition to them, natural thermogenics such as cinnamon, ginger, pepper and coffee speed up metabolism and internal body temperature, helping to burn fat.

Foods poor in nutrients and fiber, such as sweets, white flour and pasta, have a negative influence, generating insulin spikes in the blood. The ideal is that you look for a good professional to guide you on the best way forward.

In addition, there is also a fat burning machine. It is actually a massager that stimulates the heat in the muscles and it help eliminate the fats quickly.

The hydration of the body is another factor that influences the fight against localized fat, because if there is a high intake of fiber and low water intake, the effect will be the opposite, causing gas and constipation.