Is it possible that we have it upside down or inside out in understanding human traits in response to situations and outcomes in our lives? Is it possible that what we intuitively understand as positive qualities such as compassion, mindfulness and forgiveness may very well be counterproductive in achieving the desired outcome? Society has told us those emotions such as sadness, anxiety, guilt, envy, and anger are not good or help us. Is that true? Maybe there is a downside to what we would consider positive emotions and an upside to the negative emotions in achieving our goals and desired outcomes.

In addition we wish to explore what is it that humans value when it comes to the objects in this world that humans tend to acquire and relate to. What is it that the brain calculates and responds to as we value possessions and the biology of placing value on them? Can understanding this help us design better ways for humans to design their lives? Can the understanding of the way the brain connects to the material world reflected in objects or possessions actually change the way of human behavior?


As people progress through their lives, can they access the creative part of their consciousness, known as the “default mode network” or “imagination network”? When humans are focused on their inner consciousness, daydreaming, desires and feelings, it opens the door for creativity and human fulfillment.

What we have just described are three trends in Psychology today. They are important for all of us to understand moving forward because they point us to understand that our relationship to all of our emotions, the objects and possessions that we value and the creative parts of our lives are all intertwined to help us reach personal fulfillment and contribute to the world that we live in.

For those who are in or desiring to be in the field of Psychology it is imperative that you understand where the most important trends in human development are being researched and explored. Relating to those around us emotionally, the situations we find ourselves in, our creative genius available to all of us and how we experience the material universe of possessions is important research in human progression. This is an exciting time in human development and even more exciting to those who wish to pursue a degree in Psychology. Its applications in life and business are tremendous.

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